The Tirshatha

Nehemiah 10:1 KJV “Now those that sealed were, Nehemiah, the Tirshatha, the son of Hachaliah, and Zidkijah”

You ever look at words in verses in the Bible and wonder why they are there? Well this word here in the above verse “Tirshatha” is one of them. GOD does not waste anything. When you see titles or names like this, the HOLY SPIRIT should be poking at you to dig. GOD wants you to dig, and see what this means. HE does nor just throw names, and titles around for fun. The BIBLE is a Spiritual Book, and you are meant to look at it beyond the black and white letters on the page.

So here we have Tirshatha. If you look up the word is says “Governor.” So Nehemiah was a Governor but that is not good enough. Nehemiah was a cup bearer and now he is a Governor. So what do these two have in common? This word for Governor in Hebrew is this “התרשתא” It means permitted to drink wine of the Gentiles, unconsecrated wine. Now it’s starting to make sense. The name Nehemiah means “Jehovah comforts.” He is the son, of Hachaliah. It means a “dull redness”, of one who has become intoxicated by wine.

When you put it all together you will see the sacrifice and salvation of JESUS. Wine is often associated with wrath, fermenting, bubbling up. Proverbs says don’t look on the wine when it is red in the cup as it bites like a snake in the end.

You have a picture of JESUS in Nehemiah, the cup bearer, the bearer of the wine, the wrath of all sin, who tastes sin for all men, permitted to drink the unconsecrated, THE TIRSHATHA who becomes full with the redness of man, a servant.

Matthew 26:39 KJV “ And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

It says of Judah in Genesis 49:12 HIS eyes shall be red with wine, and His teeth white with milk. This is a prophecy of JESUS, eyes filled with the wrath our sin, and teeth that consume the milk (the fat), our pride.

BUT Nehemiah, JEHOVAH Comforts the TIRSHATHA. It means GOD releases the wrath, forgives it, repents of it, is satisfied, consoles, gives mercy. The Greek word is παρακαλέω, to entreat, to call, to console, to encourage, to beg.

All Glory and Honour is Yours Almighty Father Through Your SON, JESUS CHRIST!

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