Tilling the Ground

Psalm 34:8 KJV “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

I remember having a dream once about my cousin. Now sometimes the LORD will use people in dreams to express concepts, and it has nothing to do with the actual people themselves. Now my cousin’s name is Georges. If you look up this name in Greek it is related to a word meaning to till the soil, to try it, to taste or experience it.

Now in this dream my cousin had committed adultery, and I asked him why he did it. He looked at me, and gave me just a one word as an answer. That word was “TASTE.” Now this was a very bizarre dream for me, and I could not figure it out for a long time. I came upon this verse in Psalms, and it started making sense.

It says TASTE, and SEE that the LORD is good. Here we have two things. Taste and see. This word here for “taste” relates to the word for tilling the land, experience by trial. If you look it up it is very similar to the name for Georges. I was shocked to say the least. That is the way GOD works sometimes. To “see” in this verse means to bear fruit, to watch for the crop. So we have two concepts, to till the ground, and to bear fruit. They can relate to either carnal or the spiritual side of things.

Now when I asked my cousin why he had committed adultery he said “taste.” You see he was tilling the soil of his carnality, and the fruit of that, is sin and death. It’s interesting when Eve took from the tree it says she “saw” the fruit. The problem is she had never tilled the land up to that point in time. She had no knowledge of what that fruit was, that she was about to eat. She just “saw” what she thought to be good fruit based on her own judgement, in her own eyes, her own self righteousness.

You see fruit is like looking in a mirror, and we all believe we are good. We all tell ourselves we are good. The truth is though, we are far from it. We are capable of much evil, and oppression, and harm. So the verse says TASTE and SEE that the LORD is good. ONLY the righteousness of JESUS makes us see what we really are. We are poor, and wretched, and vile. JESUS says only my purity and holiness will allow you to be tilled in the Spirit and then you can look and see ME, and my fruit, and begin to bear my nature, because only I AM GOOD!

“Blessed is the man that trusteth in HIM, (and not himself).”

All Glory and Honour is your Almighty Father through your SON, JESUS CHRIST!

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